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 An Acting Studio for the Development of the Whole Self.




WHO we are

ZBS offers a very different kind of actor training.  A holistic process of development puts the actor at the center of a vibrant conversation and community.  This community is built with master teachers, industry leaders, artistic and cultural innovators, and activists.  Our central purpose concentrates on the power of the individual artistic voice.
The gist:  A team of artists who wants you to “put your art at the center of the conversation!”

WHAT we do

At the center of ZBS is actor training with the best acting teachers in Los Angeles, who are experts not only in the nuances of craft, but unearthing and fortifying each actor’s individual “star quality.”
This training is further supported by the networking of a multi-generational community of fellow actors, artists, and mentors, as well as top level industry experts like casting directors, producers, writers, agents, and managers.
The gist:  Actor training for “the development of the whole self.”

WHY we do it:

 The power we yield as actors often goes unrecognized by ourselves and society, and as such, our true potential is rarely realized. Having a school and community that recognizes our inherent power, gives us the chance to own our gift, and truly make it of service to the world we live in.

The gist: We want “To serve the world with our art.”