Aug 10-14, 2020
Mon – Fri, 9am – 12pm

“The Art of the Breakout” Intensive provides insights from Zak and our extraordinary ZBS Faculty on the process of aligning actors with an individual compass, daily practices, actor training, and the creation of new breakthrough work that will showcase each actor’s unique presence and purpose. You will learn the attitudes and practices that define a Breakout Star and set your course for the next steps on the path to authenticity, integrity, and artistic excellence.

The 5-day Intensive will consist of Morning pages, meditation, discussions, writing and connecting the body, mind and spirit.


$500.00 for the Art of the Breakout Intensive, OR
$900.00 Combine Art of The Breakout + Episodic Intensive to save 10%.

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For questions or more information about ZBS Intensives please e-mail studio@zakbarnett.com or call 323-746-5059.