I have found Zak to be a very strong, focused & intuitive teacher with a style that actors respond to. As an actor/teacher, he understands how to analyze and break down the beats of a comedy script, but more importantly, he’s able to teach these tools to his students. I’ve seen terrific performances in his class, in many cases well beyond what I would expect of talent.


It really makes a difference when you can trust that an actor has had good training and will audition well. I’ve been so impressed by the consistently high quality of the work I’ve seen from students of Zak Barnett’s. To see that an actor has trained with Zak really makes a difference when I’m deciding what actors to schedule.


Zak’s ability to connect to his students is unlike anything I’ve seen…he gets them, he connects with them. They are his peers and it’s why they elavate their performance in class. I’ve been lucky enough to audition several of his students, and each and every one of them have been prepared, confidant and really strong.


Zak’s program is incredible. I find the talent well educated on both TV & Film Auditioning. It’s difficult to find a teacher who can relay the difference between the two mediums, but the students have a very strong grasp. Zak Barnett is accessible and a true talent whisperer.


I cannot more highly recommend Zak Barnett Studios.  Zak’s teaching methods and his infectious enthusiasm for actors and the craft create a wonderful, nurturing environment for actors to learn and grow.


It is so refreshing to find a group of actors who work this hard and still have fun doing it. Zak has created a pretty special environment of learning, creating, structure and support for a group of super smart actors.