ZBS has a cutting-edge curriculum focused on a whole-self approach to the acting process: fusing advanced acting technique with self and artistic development.  All classes are designed for professional working actors.  The classes for the curriculum are divided into different levels all of which have different learning outcomes.  You can see more about the different levels below.

While the classes do address the realities and technicality of auditioning in Hollywood, the process allows for a very specific and 3-dimensional development of the whole actor, aiding the student in their overall process.

Placement: It is generally recommended that if you are new to the studio you take ZBS CORE, as you will develop an understanding of the overall ZBS philosophy.  If you are interested in skipping CORE and enrolling immediately in CRAFT or MASTER  please e-mail a reel and resume to studio@zakbarnett.com; or you can schedule a half-hour private ($80.00) with Zak for evaluation and placement.


A Professional-Level class, The ZBS Core introduces you to the ZBS Philosophy and curriculum of “acting for the whole self”, and will become the basis on which we recommend your further studies at ZBS. Students will be introduced to the various elements of the curriculum: Genre-based Text Analysis, Scene Study, On-Camera Auditioning, and in-class and at-home exercises that cultivate individual artistry and presence.

The class is designed over the course of 16-weeks, though the students can actually enter every 3 weeks, as a new area of focus will be introduced.  


The ZBS Craft offers more individualized study in both traditional class and semi-private formats.  Pricing is consistent for each class, but the length varies depending on how many students are enrolled.  These classes are highly tailored for each individual student and focuses on the necessary areas of growth needed to succeed in the Master-Level class.  Students can expect class formats to include intense scene study and audition technique, centered on developing the actors abilities of personalization and imagination.

Participation in ZBS CRAFT is by invitation only.

For Kids, Teens & Adults.


The Intermediate On Camera Class is a process class designed for the working actor. The class will further the ZBS Methodology introduced in Core and Craft by helping the actor create a dynamic process for character creation, with varying lengths of time to prepare, in a self-tape, audition, testing, and on-set environment.

Participation in ZBS ON-CAMERA is by invitation only.

For Adults.


The Advanced On-Camera class will focus on the four most essential elements for a actor working today: articulation, improvisation, audition technique and on-set experience. This is an advanced class, and you can expect the work to be challenging both inside and outside of the classroom.

Participation in ZBS ADVANCED ON-CAMERA is by invitation only.

For Kids, Teens & Adults. 


The ZBS Scene Study class is led by celebrity acting coach Martha Gehman.  Martha uses her decades worth of knowledge to help students find their personal truth in their work and creativity in life. The class also probes each students individual source of inspiration using meditation, physical exploration, poetry, artwork and storytelling.  ZBS CORE/CRAFT or instructor permission required before class entry.

For Adults.


Rooted in a deep exploration of the Core Experiences, the Whole Self Improvisation Class is different than any improvisation class in the city.  With the focus on working through artistic blocks that limit an actor’s range, creativity, and emotional risk, this course has you living and playing on the edge of your comfort zone—and then gently nudging you beyond it.  This class will be using improvisation as a tool to deepen the actor’s imagination, text analysis skills and emotional flexibility.

For Kids, Teens & Adults. 


The Advanced Audition Class is a gym for the actor’s audition chops and mind.  It is an opportunity to apply the ZBS Method in a highly variable/challenging audition context, as well as develop the awareness and tools for addressing the ways in which fear can determine the outcome of a given audition, even more so than one’s ability.  The importance of developing a specific ritual before and after auditions is emphasized, as well as viewing the audition process in the context of service.  Books about the artistic process and psychology will be woven into the curriculum.

For Teens and Adults. 


ZBS Labs is a laboratory for actor-driven content.  Students will work on developing and workshopping their original work through an investigation of the studio’s three primary tenets: spirituality, entertainment, and activism.  The process will expand the actor’s skill set, empower an expanded sense of possibility in their lives and careers, as well as work to define a specific sense of clarity and purpose in their work as both actors and content creators. The complimentary readings/viewings will look at the cultural impact of actor/creators with a distinctive artistic voice.

For Kids, Teens & Adults.


The MASTER class is a 9-14 week course (rates vary based on length) that deepens the foundation laid in the CORE and CRAFT courses with attention to two interrelated elements: the cultivation of individual artistry and presence. Now that students have developed a strong understanding of how to be truthful, alive, and connected within the context of a number of genres, the attention to each student’s individual strengths and areas of development becomes more specific. Scene Study is also woven as a thread throughout the session, allowing for continued work on in-depth character development, though auditioning for film and television is the primary focus.

Students are given outside work in addition to working on the sides themselves that include readings, meditation, journaling, etc. This is where we begin to see someone’s unique voice really emerge. The material and subject matter constantly evolves with the group, making this course repeatable indefinitely.

Participation in ZBS MASTER is by invitation only.

For Kids, Teens, Young Adults and Adults.