July 20-24, 2020
Mon – Fri, 9am – 4pm

They say that every writer has a story that drives them … and everything that a writer creates, is a variation of that story.  “Create Your Own Work” is designed to get at the heart of each actor ’s unique story and lay the groundwork for each story’s manifestation.   Actors today have the opportunity, means and platforms to create their own content, and this intensive can serve as a launching point for a new generation of empowered artists, who are driven by an individual voice and purpose and grounded in  ZBS’ tenets of spirituality, entertainment and activism. 

Students will begin with exercises identifying their values, as well as the communities that share those values – their audience.   Next, the students will move to the storylines, characters and experiences that hold the most meaning for them.  From there, basic storytelling structures will be laid out, and content will be improvised, scripted and rehearsed.  By the end of the week’s intensive, each student will have a sample scene and a pith for a new webseries, TV pilot or film.  And finally, the week will be capped off with an accomplished panel of actors, directors and producers.

For questions or more information about ZBS Intensives please e-mail studio@zakbarnett.com or call 323-746-5059.