I love sending clients to Zak. I know they will be prepared to do what it takes at the audition to book the job!


Whenever I need a client to score on an audition, I recommend Zak Barnett; he instills a sense of confidence that gets these actors results!


Zak’s connection with his students is rare. He is positive, fair, and fun! His ability to help break down scenes and provide comfort and confidence in an actor – no matter the age- is incredible. He is also very committed and genuine with his students and that allows them to keep growing as actors. Thank you, Zak!

I need to be certain my clients are truly prepared and will rock their auditions so I send them to Zack Barnett.
 What I appreciate most about Zak is that his approach is not just to train the actor or to teach the “business.” It is also to address the happiness and confidence of the whole person, what they want, and the impact they wish to have in this world. The BIG picture is not to be missed, and Zak gets that.


Zak Barnett is both an amazing acting coach and a wonderful person.  His care and compassion is evident in the vested interest he has in each client’s individual success.


Zak Barnett Studios is fantastic!  I know without a doubt my clients are getting the right training, and I love that I get feedback on my clients progress!  The progress reports give me a better idea of where my clients are in their training, which helps me to know if they are ready to be sent out on particular projects!


I have known Zak Barnett for a number of years, and can attest to his talent as an acting teacher and even more importantly, his genuine caing for his students.  He goes out of his way to make sure they are prepared not only for their audition, but that their agents and managers are up to date on the progress of his students.  I heartily recommend his studios for actors that really want to get their careers going and make sure they are 100% ready to adution and have a real chance of booking the job.


My clients love Zak’s teaching style and his personal and dedicated approach delivers results!  He truly cares about his students and that is why he gets the best performance out of them.  The growth of my clients under his direction is amaizng and the feedback he gives me is invaluable!


Zak has worked with several of my talent and has done an amazing job of getting them ready for major auditons.  I have been extremely pleased with the work he has done with each of them.  He takes his job very seriously and is very dedicated to each of them inidividually!!


I love sending my clients to work with Zak!  His energy is amazing and he understands how to get actors to transcend from being an actor to becoming the character.  The classes and workshops he offers at his studio are one of a kind and I trust my clients under his guidance and leadership.