Zak Barnett Studios presents


The Art of the Breakout

The Personal Development Course for Actors
with  Hollywood’s Coach Zak Barnett

Featuring Breakout Stars:
Jonathan Daviss (Outer Banks)
Ami Park (Alaska Daily)
Victoria Moroles (Plan B)
Shayan Sobhian (Legends of Tomorrow)
Jadah Marie (Julie and The Phantoms)
Jordan Hull (L Word: Generation Q)
Mia Kaplan (Empire Waist)
Paul Mikel Williams (Jurassic Park: Camp Cretaceous)
Larry Sapperstein (High School Musical: The Musical)
Gabrielle Elyse (Blackish)
Sloane Morgan Siegel (Gortimer Gibbons)
Emma Norton (Influencer/Actress)
Thando Dlomo (The Woman King)
Benjamin Beyeler (Actor/Teacher)



“I believe what makes an actor breakout, is that their story can be intuited by an audience.  Because they have done the work to regard their own depth and journey, we sense that journey as well.  Their “talent” is that they are able to shine a light on their own dimensionality.”

~ Zak Barnett
Experience the dynamic 16-week process that will
cultivate your inherent confidence and charisma,
and magnetize the roles that were meant for you.

Dear Actor, 

Do you sense that having the acting career of your dreams is not just a matter of talent or opportunity, but something deeper? If so, you could be on the edge of a personal breakthrough, and ready to undergo an inner transformation that will attract a wildly fulfilling career.

So many actors suffer at the mercy of the phone ringing. And yet, you know that there is more to acting than chasing the next gig. You are responding to a much bigger life calling. That calling is to live your gift and to be a voice in the world of entertainment that is wildly and uniquely yours. 

What you need to know now is:

The secret to getting your big break is not what you think! It’s not about money, looks, connections, or influence. The secret is to be aligned with your unique presence and purpose in everything you do, including every character you play.

This course transcends a typical acting class. It is a paradigm shift, a practical guide to what makes you unique. It is comprised of seminars, individual & group interviews with breakout actors, exercises, meditations and daily practices that work synergistically to align you to who you are, and unleash your unique star quality.

This 16-week online course with live interactive elements will cultivate your inherent confidence and charisma, align you to your presence and purpose, and magnetize the life and roles that were meant for you! 

-Zak Barnett, Hollywood’s Master Acting Teacher

This sixteen Week Course will help you: 

  • Find your purpose
  • Magnify your presence
  • Build true organic confidence
  • Connect your life force with any character
  • Develop deep inner resilience
  • Expand your range and impact as an actor
  • Attract and book the roles that were meant for you
  • Align with a lifelong process of expansion as an artist
  • Reframe your life story in such a way that liberates your past and your future
  • Forgive those who have harmed you
  • Identify your Sangha (Your tribe)
  • Make you unstoppable 

About Zak

Zak - Breakout Studios

For the past fifteen years, Zak has become one of Hollywood’s most renowned acting coaches, helping thousands of actors (aspiring, working, and celebrity) of all ages to artistic success and professional integrity within the industry. His background is supported by an equally impressive seven years of developing and co-chairing the first BA, MA, and MFA performing arts program in the country that focuses on artistic experimentation, spirituality and social activism. In other words – the development of the Whole Self.

Currently, Zak has over 250 students working as series regulars on major television shows, as well as hundreds of others working as guest stars, co-stars, and major roles in both studio and independent films. Among his students and clients, past and present, are numerous NAACP, SAG, People’s Choice, Golden Globe, and Emmy winners. He also consults for directors, productions, and networks, to ensure both individual actors and entire casts rise to the occasion of their best performance possible.


Over the last twenty years, my approach has raised a  generation of breakout stars, featured on some of today’s biggest hit TV shows and films. Join me and twelve recent breakout stars in the transformational work that will help you break through to the next level in your career and in your life.

In just the last three years alone, our personal development approach for actors has led to:

  • Over 250 series regular bookings on TV shows
  • Over 600 guest star and recurring guest star bookings on TV shows
  • Oscar, Golden Globe, People’s Choice and NAACP winners

Over the past 20 years, we’ve helped thousands of actors have the career and life they’ve always dreamed of. The path to success is truly an inner journey that leads to external success. 

And now, for the first time, we’ve distilled all of these mindset shifts, practices and exercises into a single intensive course—to help rising stars like you, make the fundamental paradigm shifts that lead to breakout success.



The Art of the Breakout

The personal development Course for actors with
Hollywood’s coach Zak Barnett

What You’ll Learn

Module 1

What’s Your Burning Question?

You’ll discover:

  • A powerful morning ritual that will forever awaken a dialogue between your subconscious and conscious minds, enhancing your creativity and charisma.
  • How to not only face your fears, but work with them to transform your life and career.
  • How to identify the inciting incident and burning question that will come to define your life story and breakout success.

Module 2

Creative Belonging

You’ll discover:

  • How to establish a sense of deep, inner safety that will lay the foundation for enhanced creative risk, and emotional resilience– even in the face of rejection.
  • How to identify the people, places and things that most nurture your inner safety.
  • An approach to  expanding your sense of belonging from the areas you feel the greatest safety to the areas you feel the greatest fear.
  • How to reorient your acting career as a process of spiritual awakening. 

Module 3

What’s my thang?

You’ll discover:

  • How to align your deepest needs and values with your purpose as an actor. 
  • How to identify the version of success that will bring you the greatest joy, and be most meaningful to you.
  • How to align the character’s purpose with your own, propelling your acting craft, career and life simultaneously.
  • How to create a personal constitution for yourself that will keep you connected to your highest self and highest purpose.

Module 4

the art of letting go 

You’ll discover:

  • Why we seek control and the two main ways to activate letting go for the actor.
  • The secret to shifting from pretending to be a character to truly inhabiting a character.
  • How to create a personalized ritual for yourself to help you get “out of your head”, and let the character truly flow through you.
  • How to walk into fear and embrace change, allowing the deepest parts of your being to be healed and transformed into a greater sense of wholeness.

Module 5

Embrace Your Shadow: A Process for Integrating Unseen Parts of Yourself

You’ll discover:

  • How to use the psychological framework of shadow and mask, to ignite your charisma, expand your presence, and connect to your larger life’s purpose.
  • How to work with your shadow in a compassionate way, leading to an expanded artistic range, deep humility and organic confidence.
  • How to become more conscious of how you affect people, improving your relationships and enhancing the happiness and meaning in your life.

Module 6

The Hero of your own story

You’ll discover:

  • How to reframe the obstacles in your life, past and present, as the catalysts for your presence, purpose and star power.
  • How to undergo the essential paradigm shift that will lead to your breakout success.
  • How to assemble and tell your own life’s story in a way that frees you of past hurts, and makes your unique quality visible to all.

Module 7

The Role Chooses You

You’ll discover:

  • How to orient your craft and career as an ever deepening, spiritual endeavor.
  • How to attract the roles that were meant for you.
  • How to reframe auditioning as a matchmaking opportunity with your highest purpose.
  • How to create a purpose statement that will allow you to walk into the unknown with direction, presence, purpose and faith.

Module 8

Assembling your sangha (your tribe) 

You’ll discover:

  • How to forgive past antagonists, and reframe them as your path to liberation.
  • From mentors, to friends to fans–how to identify and nurture your sangha.
  • How to protect your brand and your star quality through spiritual principles.


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The art of the breakout is an online course with live interactive elements and is now available for purchase!
The official start date of the NEXT BATCH OF THE course WILL BE RELEASED SOON!
  • The course contains 8 modules, each module is 2 weeks long. Every couple of weeks, a new module will drop on the course platform. For instance, on the start date of the course, you will receive access to Module 1, and you will receive access to Module 2 at the beginning of the 3rd week, and so forth every 2 weeks.
  • You will be required to complete each module on your own time within the stipulated 2 weeks assigned to each module.



  • PDFs outlining each module’s coursework
  • Pre-Recorded Seminars, Outlining a Personal Development Concept Essential to the Breakout Process
  • Writing Exercises and Creative Projects focused on the concepts of each Module
  • Meditations and Daily Rituals for each Module
  • Interviews and Group Conversations with breakout stars, sharing their process and discoveries for each module
  • An Online Community Forum for Discussion and Reflection
  • 1-Hour Private Coaching & Self-Tape Consult by a ZBS Faculty Member
  • Monthly Q&A with Zak Barnett
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Pricing: $999
For the course + 1-hour private coaching &
Self-Tape Consult by ZBS Faculty


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