Important FAQs Regarding COVID-19

Message from Zak Barnett, CEO

Since early January, we have been tracking the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation daily. We will continue that practice, however with cases occurring in the US, and with spring break/major holidays coming up shortly, we are issuing our institutional response. I write now to share important new ZBS policies and guidelines. Because they will affect all of us in some way, I ask that everyone – Students, Parents, Staff, and Faculty – take the time to read below. To be clear, all ZBS activities including but not limited to classes, coaching, meetings, etc. will continue to be held as normal.

For our ZBS Community, our belief is that our risk level with COVID-19 is extremely low

However, we still need to make prudent choices to protect the health of our own community and the broader communities we belong to, without creating unnecessary disruptions to the normal pursuit of our educational mission. This balanced approach led us to carefully consider the decisions of peer educational establishments and major businesses around the world that are also striving to respond to this situation. These guidelines represent our best judgment at this moment, with practical steps we can all take to reduce the risk for ourselves and for each other.

Because ZBS is a community constantly on the move, I know that asking you to abide by theses best practices is crucial. Since future challenges from COVID-19 could disrupt critical institutional functions regionally or nationally, we are developing contingency plans. I know that this concern is not limited to our community, and our decisions about it affect not only planning but the lives of individuals. In this uncertain moment, I have every confidence in our community’s ability to pull together with kindness, care and concern for the common good.

Please see below some FAQs aimed to provide accurate answers to some pressing questions.

Yes, all classes and/or intensives will continue to happen per our class schedule page. We have taken various measures and precautions to make sure ZBS continues to be a low-risk environment. More details about the same are mentioned below.

We are asking members of our community that have travelled abroad to destinations that are on the CDC’s COVID-19 travel advisories page to know that you are required to notify ZBS by email three days before your return. Those returning from Level 3 location will be asked by a ZBS Staff Member to follow a risked-assessed safety protocol before returning to ZBS.

  • We have instituted enhanced sanitization/cleaning of our entire ZBS facility.
    Cleanings are occurring three times per day by staff, before and after each specific class; in every applicable studio. Additionally, we have “deep cleanings” occurring in the entire studio regularly.
  • We are providing hand sanitizer throughout the studio.
  • We have MANDATED vigilant handwashing before class and after class to all.
  • We have omitted exercises that have students in a proximal distance (i.e. hand-holding).
  • We have asked that ANYONE that is not feeling well to stay home.

  • We are MANDATING handwashing as this is one of the most critical best practices as a preventive measure.
  • We are encouraging all to practice good health hygiene.
  • Please minimize communal food.
  • ANYONE who feels unwell needs to STAY HOME, please call ZBS regarding your attendance.

Per our aforementioned safety measures and precautions, ZBS will strive for providing every student with a very low-risk environment. Not to mention, we will continue to hold our classes with less than 15 students – hence avoiding any mass gatherings.

If you feel unwell or are just not comfortable showing up for the class, we will provide you with an additional make-up class for every class missed.

We are working towards providing online classes as well as hybrid classes via videoconferencing applications such as Zoom to beam classes into students’ homes. This would ensure that the students continue to feel a sense of normalcy and at the same time work on the development of their skillsets. We are pleased to inform you that we have obtained ‘Pro’ license for the Zoom application. Additionally, we are ready to provide any online assistance students may need. More information about our online classes and hybrid classes to roll out soon.