ZBS Lighthouse
Intensive Rundowns


The ZBS Pilot Intensive is a tailored class that meets student and industry demands for an educational opportunity centered on Pilot Season. Students will use pilot scripts throughout the week to build and practice their tools of creativity, imagination, analysis, connectivity and technique.  Classes are formatted to serve audition, call back and on-set situations. Students will have the opportunity to work with the entire ZBS faculty in both classroom and panel settings. The intensive also includes a discussion with industry leaders (representation, producers, casting directors) about current industry trends and demands.  The Pilot Season intensive is the one that got our celebrated Lighthouse Intensives going. Don’t miss out!


ZBS OSCAR INTENSIVE: Finding Your Inner Icon
The ZBS Oscar Intensive is centered on what makes an actor’s work iconic and unforgettable.  Through ZBS’s Method of Acting for the Whole Self, students will work with all of the ZBS Faculty as they strive to find that iconic quality in each of the student’s work.  Students will work on scripts from Academy Award winning and nominated scripts.  Classes will incorporate all aspects of the actor’s creativity and intellect, from improvisation, to text analysis, scene study to audition, physical character work to meditation and in-depth emotional work and philosophical conversation.  We will also watch excerpts from the iconic performances, analyzing what makes them extraordinary, as well as what makes each of the students so extraordinary. The intensive is designed for professional actors, who want to dive deeper than ever into their work, and begin to got a true understanding of their own star power.  The intensive culminates with an industry panel generally comprised of Casting Directors, Reps, Writers and Directors.


The ZBS Young Professional Actor Camp (YPAC) returns after last-year’s incredible success.  The weeklong camp is a professional-grade intensive for actors age 9-18, designed to immerse students to the ZBS Method of Acting for the Whole Self. Students throughout the week will develop skills in improvisation, genre-based text analysis, physical character work, scene study, and on-camera audition technique.  The intensive culminates with an industry panel generally comprised of Casting Directors, Reps, Writers and Directors and is designed for students new to ZBS as well as those students who have been with us for awhile, looking for a fully immersive experience.


Actor’s Whole Self Retreat in Ojai, CA

In July, we will have an actor’s retreat for one week in Ojai, CA.  This will be for adult actors only.  Lodging and food will be supplied. Designed to inspire and rejuvenate your creative practices, all-day classes in acting, improvisation, physicality and clown work, as well as creating your own work, will be supplemented by meditation, yoga, hiking and community building, emphasizing the development of the “whole self” for the actor.

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