ZBS Online Services



Since we are launching the new online platform, we will perodically review and offer free courses to some of the lucky winners!
Everyone who fills the form below will also get our invite link to the Zoom meditation with Zak Barnett.

Free Bi-Weekly Meditations and Conversations with Faculty and Friends

Every Mon & Thu,
9 AM PST via Zoom

That’s right, FREE! Twice a week, Zak will be hosting a morning meditation via Zoom to keep everyone in the ZBS community connected to themselves and one another. Additionally, Zak will be holding discussions (via Zoom) with the ZBS Faculty and industry friends, centered on the Studio’s themes of Activism, Spirituality and Entertainment. We are intending for this to be a platform for great inspiration and grounding during this time. This is a free community offering for all to enjoy.

To join Zak, please fill the form above and we will send you an invite link.

Weekly Ongoing Classes w/ Price Reductions

Same in-studio classes at the same time following the same curriculum (Not Pre-recorded)
For Kids, Teens & Adults
For Detailed Descriptions of all ZBS Classes, click here
For Class Schedule, click here

We have launched all of our current studio classes online and are happy to report the feedback has been amazing! Our current weekly classes will remain small (avg. size 8-10), and the Teachers have gotten incredibly inventive on how to use Zoom to its maximum potential. As a thank you, all of our weekly classes will be reduced by $50 per month. Additionally, all of our Students that continue our online classes until we the in-studio operation resumes,  will receive a credit of $100 per month to be used towards Audition Coaching or Intensives.

Please note: this credit will be redeemable only after we open our doors again, and only to those who have remained in classes until then. This will be extremely valuable to students as the volume of auditions is expected to rise dramatically when the industry returns.

Weekly Online Acting and Centering Workshop

For Adults
Date & Time: TBA Shortly
Pricing: $150/mo.

We wanted to provide an alternative to our more intimate classes that would offer a Student the opportunity to stay connected to the studio and their work. We will be providing a signature online “Acting and Centering Workshop for Adults” that will serve a larger student body. The Teacher will be breaking down sides, going over genre, and providing feedback on ALL tapes submitted. While the Teacher will only feature and review a limited number of tapes during the live session, each Actor will receive a weekly video of the Teacher breaking down their performance and giving notes for the following week. Additionally, the Teacher will be fielding questions from Actors, as well as assigning various artistic and centering practices week to week to keep the Actor grounded and inspired. While not quite as interactive as our weekly ongoing classes, this class provides an excellent learning opportunity for those on a budget.

Weekday Conservatory for Young Actors- Pilot Program

For Kids & Teens
Days: Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri
SECTION 1 Timings: 9:30am – 12pm (Kids); 1pm – 3:30pm (Teens)
SECTION 2 Timings: 3pm – 5:30pm (Kids); 3:30pm – 6pm (Teens) | Starting April 13
Pricing: $300/week or $1000/ 4 weeks

Due to the school closures through the end of the school year, we will be offering a fantastic alternative for Kids and Teens to maintain a schedule and stay connected to their peers and immerse in their craft. ZBS will be offering a 2.5 hr/day, 4 day/week Conservatory for Young Actors. When the industry resumes, Actors will need to be ready as many projects have been pushed, and the volume of Auditions is expected to boom. What better way for you or your young Actor to use your time than to be sharper than anyone else in the audition room. This immersive experience with the ZBS Faculty will be the most comprehensive offering at ZBS, and we are thrilled to announce it!

For questions or more information about ZBS Intensives please e-mail info@zakbarnett.com or call 323-746-5059.