Kids/Tween Core


The above tuition includes your first and last month’s payment.
Age Group:  9-14
Tuition Details:

With a commitment to our 20-week course, students get a price of $375/mo.
To secure your spot in the class, the first and last month* are charged upfront upon registration, with an automatic payment** of $375 occurring every 4 weeks.

Class Details:

A Professional-Level class, The Core Class is an introduction to the ZBS Whole Self Approach as it applies to auditioning and working in Los Angeles across four television genres.

In this class, students will be introduced to the twelve “Core Experiences:” The pre-emotional states that are at the heart of the ZBS Whole Self Approach. Each week becomes a mini-workshop centered on bringing awareness to each of the experiences in the actor’s life and work. These experiences will be explored in relation to each of the four genres taught, with the intent of actors beginning to understand the genre from a less analytical and more experiential point of view. This class is co-taught with each teacher taking on a three-week segment.

The class is designed over the course of 20 weeks, though the students can actually enter every 3 weeks, as a new area of focus will be introduced. Written feedback is issued after six weeks with an optional sit-down conference with the student and parent to discuss feedback. From there, students will either continue in CORE or be placed in either the CRAFT or MASTER class. For all class times please refer to the class schedule.

*1 month being equivalent to 4 weeks.

**With a minimum 20-week commitment students are only obliged to pay for 5 months, after which they are either charged $375 every 4 weeks in an ongoing class.

A four-week written notice is required to cancel the enrolment.

Please email for any questions.