Young Kids Core


The above tuition includes your first and last month’s payment.
Age Group:  7-8
Tuition Details:

With a commitment to our 16-week course, students get a price of $300/mo.
To secure your spot in the class, first and last month* are charged upfront upon registration, with an automatic payment** of $300 occurring every 4 weeks.

Month to Month Pricing with no commitment: $400/mo

Class Details:

The Young Kids Class introduces the ZBS Whole Self Approach for kids 7-8 years of age. The class works both on and off camera and incorporates elements of auditioning, improvisation and scene work, as well as introduces self-awareness exercises that help the young actor develop in their emotional maturity and intellectual capacity.  The class introduces acting as a self-study and lifelong practice, much like a martial art.

From there, students will either continue in CORE, or be placed in either the CRAFT or MASTER class. For all class times please refer to the class schedule.

*1 month being equivalent to 4 weeks.

**With a 16-week commitment students are only obliged to pay for 4 months, after which they are either charged $300 every 4 weeks in an on-going class.

A four-week written notice is required to cancel the enrolment.

Please email for any questions.