ZBS Presents The Summer YPACs –
(Young Professional Actor Camp)
In June!

JUNE 15 – 19, 9 AM – 4 PM (TV FOCUS)
JUNE 22 – 26, 9 AM – 4 PM (FILM FOCUS)

The Young Professional Actor Camp (YPAC) is a five day intensive (for actors ages 9-18) designed to immerse students in the ZBS WholeSelf Approach. Taught by all the ZBS faculty, the YPAC gives actors the unique opportunity to hone their craft within a fun yet intensive curriculum.

We are happy to announce our special Summer YPAC, which will be focussed on both Television & Film.

For Television, it’ll feature text analysis and on-camera auditioning across the four main television genres (multi-cam comedy, single-cam comedy, procedural drama and serial drama), ensemble building activities, and special YPAC Student Mentors.

For Film, it’ll still feature text analysis across a variety of genres (Sci-Fi, Horror, Comedy, Drama), but the on-camera work will shift more towards scene-work, as the actors will be assigned scenes from various films that allow them to find a deeper connection with their scene partner, as well as explore the arc of a character within a given scene.

We encourage actors to immerse themselves in both the Television week and Film week as it is a comprehensive training ground that covers the breadth of the industry. If actors wished to do both the June YPAC and the August YPAC, that is also encouraged, as the material and curriculum will evolve from June to August.


$1000 for either TV or Film Intensive

$1600 to combine both TV and Film Intensive