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ZBS is a premiere acting studio that is endorsed by industry reps, casting directors, filmmakers, and actors alike.

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Zak Barnett

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“I love sending clients to Zak. I know they will be prepared to do what it takes at the audition to book the job!”
-Domina Holbeck, Vice President
Abrams Artists Agency


“We continue to rely on Zak to prepare the next generation of great actors.”
-Phillip Watson, Talent Manager 
(LBI’s Clients include Leonardo DiCaprio, Reese Witherspoon, and Jonah Hill)

“I have found Zak to be a very strong, focused & intuitive teacher with a style that actors respond to. As an actor/teacher, he understands how to analyze and break down the beats of a comedy script, but more importantly, he’s able to teach these tools to his students. I’ve seen terrific performances in his class, in many cases well beyond what I would expect of talent.”

-Carol Goldwasser, Casting Director
“Hannah Montana”‘
“Austin and Ally
“Dog with a Blog”

“It really makes a difference when you can trust that an actor has had good training and will audition well. I’ve been so impressed by the consistently high quality of the work I’ve seen from students of Zak Barnett’s. To see that an actor has trained with Zak really makes a difference when I’m deciding what actors to schedule.”

-Mark Bennett, Casting Director
Monster’s Ball
The Hurt Locker
Zero Dark Thirty

“Zak’s ability to connect to his students is unlike anything I’ve seen…he gets them, he connects with them. They are his peers and it’s why they elevate their performance in class. I’ve been lucky enough to audition several of his students, and each and every one of them have been prepared, confident and really strong.”

-Sara Isaacson, Casting Director
The Mentalist
Famous in Love

“Zak’s program is incredible. I find the talent well educated on both TV & Film Auditioning. It’s difficult to find a teacher who can relay the difference between the two mediums, but the students have a very strong grasp. Zak Barnett is accessible and a true talent whisperer.”

-Chadwick Struck, Indie Feature Film Casting Director

I cannot more highly recommend Zak Barnett Studios.  Zak’s teaching methods and his infectious enthusiasm for actors and the craft create a wonderful, nurturing environment for actors to learn and grow.

-Paul Ruddy, Casting Director
A.I. Assault

“It is so refreshing to find a group of actors who work this hard and still have fun doing it. Zak has created a pretty special environment of learning, creating, structure and support for a group of super smart actors.”

-Corbin Bronson, Casting Director

Carol Goldwasser, Zak Barnett, Sara Issacson, and Anne Hawthorne
Carol Goldwasser, Zak Barnett, Sara Issacson, and Anne Hawthorne
Zak Barnett

The student actors at ZBS were an absolute joy to work with — their combined passion and preparedness were truly inspiring.
-Robin Veith, Producer/Writer
Three Time WGA Winner
Three Tine Emmy Nominee

Mad Men
The Expanse
True Blood 
Law and Order: SVU

Zak speaks the language of the soul and is able to stir his actors on the deepest levels of artistic and personal transformation. Our collaborations have just begun…
-Barnet Bain, Producer/Writer/Director

What Dreams May Come (Academy Award Winning)
Homeless to Harvard (Emmy Nominee)
The Celestine Prophecy
The Los and Found Family

Casey Moss Headshot

“I’ve learned a lot about myself as a person and an actor while working with Zak.  I booked Days of Our Lives within just one month of taking the class. I found what works for me thanks to Zak.  I couldn’t be any more appreciative. Thank you.”

-Casey Moss Regular on “Days of Our Lives”

Kelly Jakle

“Zak Barnett is a fantastic audition coach to have in your corner. He will transform your every hesitation into a solid, confident choice.”

-Kelly Jakle (Supporting in “Pitch Perfect,” “Pitch Perfect 2,” and “42”)

Robin Briscoe

Harry Siegel

“I wanted to take just a minute and say Thank You! Your work and relationship with Stephen have been so helpful in not only his training as an actor, but believe it or not his growing into a thoughtful and insightful young man. A few different times now he has come out of a class or private with you and felt moved or changed or enlightened by what he learned about himself and his relationship to others during his time with you.

As parents we trust our children to the world and hope and pray for the best. You are truly a gifted teacher and I want you to know what that means to me. We are so blessed to have you.”

— Sonja Carey (Mother of Actor Stephen Carey, Age 14)

“I want to thank you for the teaching and the guidance you have provided our son. over the last 3 years in your acting class. You have helped him grow from a novice child actor to an actor that has depth, empathy and can act in many styles (comedy, drama, dramedy, etc). You have always provided exceptional balance teaching your students to enjoy the learning process while providing the structure the class needs to take the classes seriously. Too many classes allow the kids to “play” and that balance is always a challenge.

I also want to thank you for the many discussions we had that allowed us all to understand where our son needed to improve. His rapport and respect for you show in the many ways he has listened to that guidance and not only showed you in class, but it shows up in his auditions. “

— Cristina Cole (Mother of Actor Alek Cole, Ages 12)

“Zak has a great way with the kids. He really reinforced Mila’s confidence and helped her recognize her strengths as well as taught her how to break apart the material and get a deeper understanding of the script . He is always kind and gentle and has a super positive attitude. Mila loved being taught by him. She became so mature and quick in her choices for her acting. In the time they spent together she had booked over 15 jobs in TV, Film, Commercial , Voice-over and Print. In fact she has been working non stop and continues to. I would recommend Zak to any parents for their kids in this business. Teaching kids is a big responsibility and requires astute intelligence, finesse, patience, positive affirmations and kindness. Zak posses all those qualities. “

— Shirly Brener ( TV & Film Producer – Mother of Mila Brener, Age 9)

“My daughter loves Zak- aside from his fun and super kid friendly demeanor, he is able to collaborate with your child in a way which brings dimension to a character, without compromising your child’s uniqueness.
My daughter booked after just one coaching session with Zak- results speak for themselves!”

— Mom to Lulu, 11