Too often the pressure of fame makes it impossible for named talent to consistently work on their craft.  But no matter how famous an actor becomes, they are still an artist who wants to grow in their work.

That’s why we created ZBS VIP Service – to offer a safe place where named talent can push themselves, develop character, and take big risks without the fear of it ending up on social media.


  • Private facilities with a secure and discreet entrance
  • Watermark and other security services to ensure the secrecy of copy
  • Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements with staff
  • No camera or cell phone policy in the working studio
  • Private home coaching when requested
  • On-set coaching when requested
  • And when necessary, a full cast to workshop the talent’s next big project.

For rates and availability, please contact the studio. 

323-746-5059 • studio@zakbarnett.com